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4 Safe Options Using the Best and Trusted Trading Application

A trading application is a platform that functions to carry out the trading process for stocks, mutual funds and forex. Many of the best trading applications for beginners that can be tried to start investing in stocks.

Trading Application

Trading applications that can provide large income is stock trading. The risks faced are also quite high because the opportunities obtained are very large.

Along with the times, there are many trading applications that can be used to become an investor. As a beginner, you can try some of the best and most trusted trading applications as follows.

1. MetaTrader 4

Meta trader 4 is a pioneer application in trading activities. This application was popularized by Meta Quotes Software Corp which is very well known and can be associated with thousands of brokers.

Meta trader 4 application is very easy to do technical analysis and flexible trading system. For beginners this application is very helpful in the trading process because there are many instructions in it.

2. MIFX Mobile

Beginners can also try the MIFX Mobile application because it looks very easy to use. You will easily get profit because the application will assist in the process of trading transactions.

This application can withdraw and deposit funds easily during the transaction. MIFX Mobile is safe because it is registered with BAPPEBTI.

3. HBS Trader

HBX Trader is perfect for forex trading for beginners. This platform can help brokers in monitoring forex price movements over time.

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4. Agrodana Future News

Future news is good for trading stocks or forex. Future has a simple look and is easy to use.

OJK’s Best Trading Application

OJK’s Best Trading Application (Source: easylabur) OJK’s best trading application is very safe to use because it has been proven to be accurate in the trading world. The best and most trusted trading applications that have been registered with the OJK are as varied as magic applications.

Magic is an application of contention because there are many investment options in it such as stocks, mutual funds, and forex. The magic application was developed by PT Takjub Teknologi Indonesia and one other company, namely PT Sekuritas Asia.

You only need to register within 5 minutes and you can make trading transactions. This advantage can make it easier to earn big without an agent.

The next application registered by OJK is Netdania. Netdania helps brokers in analyzing the market so that they know the current situation.

Netdania provides a very good service with precise instructions. You will be directed when you can start and finish the trading process. Netdania always provides the latest information regarding the forex market. You can also share experiences with other traders.

Best Trading App on Android

Applications in the world of trading are needed to facilitate the trading process. The best trading application on Android is the choice of many people because it makes it easy to access to monitor the trading market.

There are some of the best and most trusted trading applications on Android, such as the trade interceptor and optimizer. Trade interceptors can be accessed via both Android and IOS quickly.

The advantage of the trade interceptor application lies in its large transaction storage. This application can display the history of past transactions so that it becomes a reference for traders in making decisions.

Many features are available in the trading app such as a tool to find the currency that suits you. There are 14 types of charting and 160 intelligence indicators that are useful for analyzing data.

The sharing screen mode feature can let you monitor other markets at the same time. There is also a simulator for those who are starting to try this application.

Another best and most trusted trading application on Android is the trade optimizer. Optimizer is a platform specifically for forex trading that is recommended by many traders.

There are many features in the optimizer application such as 14 trading calculators. The calculator feature is useful for traders in managing trades so they can reduce risk.

There is an analysis tool feature after the trading process which is used to spot opportunities. Profit opportunities that the broker will get after carrying out the trading process.

DJ FX trader is also one of the best and most trusted trading applications. This application is free to use since it was developed by Dow Jones. DJ FX Trader provides the latest news on the trading market. This application always provides up-to-date information regarding the trading market.

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Small Capital Trading Application (Source: bloggerborneo) In addition to the applications mentioned above, there is also a small capital trading application that can be used by beginners. The best and most trusted trading applications that you can try are very diverse.

The first application that uses small capital is the MNC trade new stock application. This stock application was made by the MNC group since 1989 until now.

One hundred thousand capital can already invest here. Many interesting features that can be tried with minimal capital you will get bigger profits.

MNC Trade New provides a selling fee of 0.28 percent and a purchase fee of 0.18 percent. This app could be one of those places where you try to start investing in stocks.

The second application that can be used is RTI business. This domestically made application is a trusted application for a long time.

This application provides a lot of interesting information related to the world of stocks and their movements. The information is in the form of stock analysis, charts, and the latest stock company updates.

You can see how this application has worked for the last five years in income statements, growth, and earnings. The next application is stockbit which was developed by PT Sinarmas Sekuritas.

This application is included in the community share which means it can interact with many shareholders. The advantage is that you can make direct buying and selling transactions with a high level of security.

Bareksa is another best and most trusted trading application that can carry out the stock trading process. Bareksa is very safe to use and is the best application at the moment.

The advantage of the bareksa application is that it has many payment methods so that transactions can be done quickly. There are 150 mutual fund products that you can choose to start the stock transaction process.


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