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AMD VS Intel Difference, Which is Good?

When you use a computer or laptop, there is an important component that has a function for the device to function properly, which is none other than the processor.

So far, there are two types of processors competing to dominate the Indonesian laptop market, namely processors. AMD vs Intel.

Historically speaking, Intel produced processors much earlier than AMD.

Even Intel has succeeded in pioneering the use of processors in electronic devices such as computers.

However, that does not mean that AMD is inferior to Intel, you need to take a closer look at the differences between AMD processors and Intel processors and their advantages and disadvantages.

AMD vs Intel Difference


AMD VS Intel

It is important for you before buying a laptop to pay close attention to what is the difference between AMD and Intel.

So, you won’t go wrong in getting the laptop you want.


  1. Processor Architecture

Intel vs AMD processor architecture has a different design.

AMD uses a memory controller design integrated into the processor so that the data path from the processor to the chipset is shorter.

Although Intel does not use a design like this, the new generation of Core i7 starts using the internal memory of the processor.

AMD has the advantage of faster file transfer, but the processor’s internal memory is small.

While Intel is so big that it is better than ultithread applications.


  1. Speed

If you want to buy a laptop, of course you want to have a laptop with a fast operating system, right?

A fast laptop can always make it easier for you to open applications without taking much time.

Especially if you are working at work, a fast laptop will save you from wasting time.

Looking at the speed side, an interesting fact was found based on benchmark tests from AMD and Intel.

Intel is said to be faster compared to AMD processors in terms of performance.

Although it is not very far, it is certain that Intel has a better speed than AMD.


  1. Game graphics

Now there are many options of exciting games that can be played on computer devices like laptops.

One of them is an FPS game that can reportedly be played on all types of laptops.

Examples of games first person shooter This includes Destiny 2, Counter-Strike, Rage 2, Call of Duty, Far Cry 5 and so on.


AMD vs Intel Processor Power

In playing this game, processor power is very important for smooth gameplay.

It’s not fun when you’re gaming, you’re suffering from a dragging laptop and a stiff image.

If you look at the comparison between AMD and Intel in terms of game graphics, of course AMD has proven to be more powerful.

AMD is able to stay in its original position even though the temperature of the laptop increases without reducing the performance.


  1. Daily Use

For everyday use, many people think that AMD is more suitable for gaming and Intel is more suitable for heavy applications.

This idea is wrong, because playing requires fast data transfer.

Now in heavy applications Intel is superior because the capacity of the internal memory of the processor (L2 Cache) is large.


  1. Temperature control

If you are using a laptop, the temperature of the device will definitely rise a little.

The processor certainly plays an important role as a temperature indicator in addition to the laptop’s built-in fan.

Therefore, before buying a laptop you need to choose which processor provider offers better temperature management.

When viewed from the side of temperature management, Intel is much better than AMD.

This latest breakthrough will make the processor’s performance decrease automatically when the temperature rises.

With this automatic temperature adjustment, Intel processors are very quiet.

In addition, Intel also does not cause laptops to overheat like AMD.

Indeed, in the old generation of AMD processors, it is famous for its heat, but in the current generation of AMD Ryzen processors, the issue of heat is no more.

So the current generation of AMD Ryzen vs Intel processors are almost equal.

In addition, you can also add an additional fan for better circulation of hot air.

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  1. Multimedia

In laptop devices, multimedia is very important to be able to provide various pleasures to its users.

Based on the multimedia side, Intel vs AMD processors have an interesting comparison, Intel is said to be superior to AMD.

This is because the image displayed by the Intel processor is very sharp and clear.

AMD is a bit behind compared to Intel in terms of multimedia thanks to the efficiency of single core Intel processors.

In fact, this has been proven in the global gaming world, Intel dominates more than AMD.


  1. Virus

If you have a laptop, you should be very concerned if the laptop is exposed to a virus.

A laptop virus or malware is a type of malicious program that has a negative impact on the user of the laptop itself, one of which is slow operation.

Worse, viruses can disable the performance of the laptop system and steal important data.

Fortunately, in the latest AMD processor technology there is a type of technology that works well in detecting viruses,

Before this virus enters your laptop, the AMD processor will know first.

Unfortunately, Intel does not have the latest technology like AMD processors.

This gives the conclusion that AMD is much higher than Intel in terms of virus detection.


  1. Price

The most prominent comparison between Intel and AMD processors is based on price.

The issue of price is very important to consider before deciding to buy a laptop with a processor AMD VS Intel.

Do not deny that other explanations should also be considered.

In terms of prices, Intel and AMD processors have a big price difference.

Currently laptops using Intel processors are less expensive than AMD.

If you want to buy a laptop with a low price but high specifications, you can directly choose a laptop with an AMD processor.

However, if you want to buy a good multimedia laptop then choose a laptop with an Intel processor.

AMD and Intel Processor Prices

So, choose Intel or AMD?


It is not difficult to understand the difference between processors AMD VS Intel before buying a laptop.

Even in terms of branding, Intel processors are considered superior to AMD, but it all depends on you. It is important before buying a laptop, determine your needs and budget.


Both processors are equally good, there are pluses and minuses.

So the discussion about the difference between AMD vs Intel, please make your choice and adjust it according to your needs and available funds.

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