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Get to know the best gold trading application and the steps

Are you okay to do the best gold trading application? If so, first check the price of gold trading.

gold trading

Precious metal or gold as an investment that is simple and easy to implement by anyone. For those of you who have a medium or long-term direction.

Like sending your children to higher levels or buying a house, the best gold trading app is the key.

The problem is that gold provides advantages, namely yields that are quite promising for a minimum period of 5 years, easy to cash out, and prices tend to rise. If it goes down, the value is meaningless.

In general, gold in the market came from PT Berbagai Tambang (Antam) and PT Untung Bersama Sejahtera (UBS).

The difference in the prices of the 2 is not too far (UBS gold is a little low) and the content is also the same, namely 99.99%.

However, Antam’s gold is internationally certified and is considered by the London Bullion Pasar Association and UBS gold is nationally certified from PT UBS. Even so, the buyback price is almost the same.

For those of you who already have the best gold trading application, read the following guide so you can get the best gold price.

Gold Price Check

Before buying, check the price of gold today on the official website of Antam’s Gold Boutique, Pegadaian, marketplace, or the most trusted gold shop.

There, generally there is info on the price of gold per gram, 1/2 gram, five grams, two grams, up to 100 g. Compare prices and check the latest economic information, especially regarding gold because domestic gold prices are controlled by world gold prices.

Determine the Investment Step

gold trading

After checking the gold price, determine the investment steps. You can choose to invest by buying directly at Antam’s Gold Boutique or the most trusted gold shop, saving gold at Pegadaian, or through the marketplace. What’s the difference?

The advantage of buying gold is physical, you can immediately take it home or store it at home. When in the form of gold savings.

You can buy it in installments or save money according to your strength, and the savings mechanism will convert the money to the amount (gr) of gold.

If you want physical gold, you have to pay the printing costs.

Whatever steps you specify, investment is a step to take care of finances. So that you and your family’s future is protected.

In addition, another element of managing finances is no less important, namely having personal protection. In other words, you are recommended to have insurance with investment benefits.

This has been implemented by the PRULink Investment Fund from Prudential Indonesia. Investment Fund allows you to choose Premiums or Contributors to invest in various types of funds.

Starting from a stock portfolio, regular income, and others. The point is insurance protection as well as investment.

Define Storage Steps gold trading

Especially for those of you who buy physical gold, this item can be placed in a safety box at home, a safe deposit box at a bank, stored at a Pawnshop, or take advantage of Antam’s LM cash box service.

Gold Melt Time gold trading

When is the right time to melt gold? It depends on your direction. When the direction has been realized, immediately dilute. But if you want a fairly attractive return, minimum put gold for 5 years.

Just a suggestion, should buy gold in fractions of one gram. The problem is that small fractions are easier to melt than 50 gr. Happy investing and don’t forget to check the gold price today.


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