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List of Best Sharia Small Deposit Forex Broker Applications

With the increasing public interest in trading, not a few Muslims are also interested in following the best small deposit forex brokers. This makes not a few people need a sharia small deposit trading application. The forex busines itself, according to Islam, is the same as buying and selling as long as there is no interest or usury.


List of Best Small Deposit Forex Broker Apps

Forex Broker App

Before you look for the application you need for trading, there are several brokers that provide Islamic accounts that you can of course try. The following is a list of some of these brokers.

1. OctaFX – Trusted Trading App

This time the broker also does not have a swap so that it is in accordance with Islamic law. Its advantages are high profit opportunities with low spread rules and 1:500 leverage. So you can trade comfortably and your stored funds are also guaranteed safe with a separate account policy between client funds and company assets.

There are still many brokers who offer trading according to Islamic law. So you don’t need to hesitate to become a trader by choosing the right broker so that you can still enjoy according to Islamic law that does not make trading a gambling area.

2. InstaForex – Safest Trading App

With years of experience, this broker clearly provides a sharia trading platform with swap free. You can trade $1 and with spreads from 3 pips for EUR/USD, trading instruments in gold, 1:1000 leverage, no commission or swap charges, and a bonus of 30% of the deposit.

3. FBS – Low Deposit Forex Trading App

FBS broker strongly supports traders from Indonesia and does not apply a swap or interest system that is forbidden by Islamic law. This broker already has official regulations from CRFIN and IFCS as acredible financial supervisory body, so you can deposit a minimum of $1 to open a real trading account, with floating spreads starting from 0.2 pips for the EUR/USD pair, an additional $5 bonus for cent accounts, up to 1:2000 leverage.

So, those of you with a limited deposit still have the opportunity to earn high profits. The advantages of this broker can also be proven by the many awards it has received.

4. XM Global

This one broker is also very appropriate for those of you with small or large capital. The minimum deposit is only $5 and you can already try trading with the $30 no deposit bonus and the maximum leverage is up to 1:888. Various things in it make this broker right and in accordance with Islamic law.
Please choose the one that you think is right for you to follow. Next, ou just have to look for a sharia small deposit trading application so you can follow the trade without having to leave the Islamic law that imposes a burden on you.
Well, those were some names from the list of sharia small deposit trading application brokers. Hopefully this pen engraving is easy to understand and useful for readers.

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