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How to Buy Coins and Crypto at Tokocrypto Easy

The cryptocurrency world is booming for more people to start investing.  There are also many platforms for crypto investment, one of which is TocoCryto.  Here we explain how to buy Crypto on TokoCryto with information about the minimum purchase.

Interestingly, the TocoCrito app is easily available and downloaded on the Play Store.  This app has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use.

Even so, not everyone knows about investing, let alone buying investment products.  Therefore, in this discussion, we will talk about how to buy the same tokocrypto Buy crypto on Luno Truly.

How to buy coins in Tococrito

To start investing in TocoCrito, we first need to buy coins on TocoCrito.  By keeping coins in your wallet in your TocoCryto account, you can later purchase different types of crypto currency as you wish.

Steps to buy Tococrypto coins

First, make sure that you have an account with Tokokrito and that you have completed e-KYC

Submit the application, or you can visit the TocoCrito website.

Select the Wallet menu

Then select Deposit

Then select the IDR option

Select the virtual account used to top up the coins

Transfer according to the amount you want

Wait until the situation changes to success

Then the coins in the TocoCryto wallet are successfully replenished and can be used for crypto purchases.

How to buy crypto with Tokocrypto

Once you have coins in your ToCrypto wallet, the next step is to simply make crypto purchases to start investing.

There are many products that we can choose and buy on the TocoCrito app, for example: buying Bitcoin (BTC) currency.  If you want to buy another currency, the method is almost the same, here are the steps.

Go to the Wallet menu

Convert to Binance IDR balance (BIDR).

Then convert BIDR to BTC (or choose another currency) to buy Bitcoin.

Click on BTC/BIDR in the redemption page

hen scroll down to the business page

Then fill in the name you want to convert to BTC currency

Buy the lowest coin with Tococrito

Before buying with Tococrypto coins, make sure you know in advance what is the minimum coin purchase with Tococrypto.  This is especially important for those of you who want to learn how to invest with equity.

Buying coins on Tokokrito is very easy, with a minimum balance of 50,000 IDR.  It really is very suitable isn’t it, especially for those of you who want to try investing.  With Equivalent Capital, you can research and analyze the crypto market.

That’s how buying crypto on TocoCryto is, it’s so easy isn’t it?  So for those of you who want to try investing, you can use this method.


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