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How to Deposit and Buy Crypto Assets on Zipmex

Crypto investment is gaining popularity especially among young people in Indonesia.  So now a large number of crypto trading service provider applications have emerged.  One of them is PT Zipmax Exchange Indonesia.  Well this time we will review how to deposit money and at the same time buy crypto assets in this Zipmax app.



This app includes a new Door However, it has gained a lot of interest in the crypto trading market in Indonesia.  Many investors, both startups and in advance Trying to buy property here.

Getting to know Bitcoin as a crypto asset


Bitcoin was originally created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto.  In the white paper, Nakamoto tries to make the exchange cryptographic (not trust-based).  In the beginning, Bitcoin had no value.  In addition, at that time many people did not know about the science of cryptography.


For the first time this transaction using Bitcoin was carried out by Laszlo Haniecz in 2011.  From this historic transaction emerged Pizza Day, which has always been celebrated by crypto activists around the world.

How to deposit money on Zimex


For those of you who want to start investing crypto on Zimex, make sure you already have an account or register first.  Next, you need to verify your personal data.



To buy crypto assets, you must first deposit your rupiah in the Zimex app.  To do this, Zimex offers 2 deposit methods to make it easier for users, namely virtual accounts and digital wallets such as Shopeepay, DANA and OVO.


For making deposits through e-wallet, users will be charged 1.5% of the total amount deposited.  There are no fees for deposits using a virtual account.


Here’s how to enter it on Zimex



Log in to your Zimex account


Select the Wallet menu


Click Deposit


Vote on Indonesian Rupiah


Then select the desired payment method


If you chose a virtual account, copy the code and follow the transfer instructions at the bottom of the page.  The minimum deposit at Zimex is IDR 50,000.


If you select e-wallet, select one of the digital wallets and you will be directed directly to the digital wallet app.  The maximum is IDR 2,000,000 for each transaction via e-wallet.


Wait for the deposit to be successfully entered in the Trading Wallet.


How to buy crypto on Zipmax


After making a deposit, the next step is to buy crypto investment assets with Zimex, here’s how.



Log in to the Zimex app


Select the Business menu and then click Buy


Select your desired crypto currency, for example Bitcoin


Select the market or limit option



The price in the market refers to the real time price at that time


When buying with Limit Buy, you can choose when to buy crypto currency, for example, you decide to buy BTC, the price of which is Rp.  14,864 then the transaction will happen when the BTC market price reaches that level.


You can choose to buy crypto with 25%, 50% or 100% of your balance.



Next, click on the evaluation command


Confirmation by clicking Confirm


Then you will receive a successful notification



It is the same when you buy to sell properties, the only difference is that you choose to sell.


That’s information on how to buy crypto on Zimex.  Isn’t it easy?  Please try it yourself and invest your money.


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