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How to Register an Account, Deposit and Buy Crypto on Luno

Luno is an exchange service for buying or selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  One of the most widely used crypto assets is Bitcoin, which is making significant progress.  This time it will be explained how to register account, save and buy crypto on Luno.

Luno Apk at a Glance

Luno is an exchange company for selling, buying and storing and transferring assets and funds. crypto investment Founded in 2013 from England.  Luno is a brand owned by PT Luno Indonesia Ltd in Indonesia which has been in Indonesia since 2014 and officially registered with CoFTRA.

Bitcoin trading activities on Luno

Luno offers both app and website based business services.  You can start investing with Luno by downloading the app on the Google Play Store and registering.

Next, the main thing is to do the KYC verification on the Luno app.  If you do this, you can deposit money so you can buy crypto assets on Luno.  You can also sell and cash out your assets on Luno.

How to register an account on the Luno app

Next, you need to know how to create an account or register in this Luno app.  Before you can buy the coins there, it is important to have an account first.  Account ownership can be obtained only after registration.  Regarding the process and procedure, you can do it easily in the following ways.

Download the Luno app on the Play Store

Open the application

Then register an account on Luno

Fill in personal information such as name, country, ID card number and others

If you click send, confirm by uploading a photo of your ID card and selfie image

How to deposit money on Luno Apk

The deposit process is the first step to buying cryptocurrencies on Luno.  There are several deposit methods offered by Luno such as ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and SMS Banking.  Here’s how to make a deposit in the Luno app.

Log in to the Luno app

Select the Wallet menu

Click on Deposit in IDR Wallet

Choose a deposit method, for example ATM

Enter the desired name and click Next

You will then receive a virtual identification code for the transfer, follow the transfer instructions on the page.

If you have transferred, you just have to wait for the balance to be transferred to Luno Wallet

How to buy crypto on luno

You can then make crypto purchases on the luno app.  The tutorials and combinations are very simple as follows.

On the Luno home page, click Buy

Buy Bitcoin (to buy Bitcoin) choose IDR

Enter the desired name and click Next

On the confirmation page, click Confirm

Click Done to close it.

You can then sell and withdraw your assets on Luno.

So, buying crypto on Luno is easy for those of you who want to learn or invest in Luno.  It can be useful.


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