strongest iron man suit A film that includes the character was in growth at Common Pictures, twentieth Century Fox, and New Line Cinema at varied occasions since 1990, before Marvel Studios reacquired the rights in 2006. Marvel put the mission in production as its first self-financed movie, with Paramount Pictures distributing. Favreau signed on as director in April 2006, and faced opposition from Marvel when attempting to forged Downey in the title role; the actor was signed in September. Filming occurred from March to June 2007, primarily in California to distinguish the film from quite a few different superhero stories which might be set in New York City-esque environments. Throughout filming, the actors were free to create their own dialogue because pre-production was focused on the story and action. Rubber and steel variations of the armor, created by Stan Winston's company, had been combined with computer-generated imagery to create the title character.

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