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SWI views that the basis is investing in online trading approbots and running money games

Finally, the Commodity Futures online trading appSupervisory Body (CoFTRA) of the Ministry of Trade blocked it because it was calculated to violate the law and misuse the permit issue.

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Then there is the Auto Sultan Community; Smartxbot; Antares; AutoTrade Gold 4.0; Fahrenheit online trading appRobots; Btrado; Pansaka online trading appRobot (Auto Trade Gold); Royal Q Indonesia; and Maxima Margin online trading appRobot.

Of the 19 illegal online trading approbots, one of which is based on PT Facility Digital Future International (SDFI), AutoTrade Gold, which violates the provisions of Law Number ten of 2011 concerning the Transition of Law Number 32 of 1997 concerning Commodity Futures online trading appand is calculated to misuse validity. Direct Marketing Business Permit (SIUPL) circulated by the Ministry of Trade.

The head of the Investment Alert Task Force (SWI) Tongam L Tobing explained that illegal online trading approbots are actually money games through a multi-level marketing (MLM) pattern.

It is not strange, some bases promise that the returns will still remain even though the assets are down, because in fact the profits are derived from the acceptance of new members.

“The problem is that the online trading approbots attached to brokers are not licensed to live abroad. Generally, they cheat by promising fixed returns, which is absolutely irrational. This counts for money games. Currently, there are 19 investment substances for online trading approbots. illegally stopped by SWI,” said Tongam L Tobing, Thursday (24/2/2022).

Tongam did not forget to remind residents that citizens must be alert to every investment offer, including robotic investments. The reason is that in the last 10 years, people’s losses due to illegal investments reached Rp. 117.5 trillion.

Based on SWI records, the most number of substances stopped in 2019 were 442 illegal investments, 1,493 illegal online debts (pinjol), 63 illegal pawns, 336 illegal forex/futures trading, 13 cryptocurrencies, up to 19 multi-level marketing without permission.

In addition, Tongam explained the problem of citizen funds that have been invested as members of online trading approbots that are certainly illegal, such as Net89, DNA Pro, Auto Trade Gold which are difficult to withdraw/WD.

According to Tongam, usually it is quite difficult to recover funds from illegal investments. Especially if the money has been used by illegal investment actors or has been shared with old members.

But in the ponzi pattern, if the upline has good intentions, return all the downline’s funds, because then the downline can get the money.


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