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The Best Gold Trading Application That Is Easy For You To Use

It’s not just forex trading that has a lot of lovers. Gold trading has also attracted many gold enthusiasts.

Trading Gold
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Investing using gold in this digital age is quite easy to do. Here are some of the best gold trading applications that you can try on your smartphone.

The Best Gold Trading Application That Is Easy For You To Use IndoGold – The Best Gold Trading App The application that was launched in 2011 by PT Indogold Pawn exit is a solution for those of you who want to start trading gold.

This application has business security because it has been borne by the OJK. IndoGold also has a legal membership of KOMINFO and has ISO certification.

This application has a gold buying and selling service, gold savings, gold installments and gold pawning. In this application, the gold investment that you want to disburse can be in the form of ANTAM’s pure UBS/gold bullion. This application provides various payment system options that will make it easier for you.

Tamasia – The Best Gold Trading App

This trading application was developed by PT Tamasia Global Sharia. As the name implies, this is the best sharia-based gold trading application. This application offers the feature of altering the amount of gold that exceeds 100 g can be converted into physical gold with pure gold content.

With this application, you can buy and sell gold at any time. Besides that, you can transfer gold anywhere only via a smartphone, starting from a weight of 0.02 g. This application has been downloaded by more than 100 thousand users and received a rating of 4.2 out of 5.0.

E-Mas – The Best Gold Trading App

This application that has the jargon “invest in gold, pay with gold” is perfect for you fans of gold investment. You can buy gold and store in E-Mas at no additional cost. The weight of gold that you can invest starts from the weight of 0.02 gr.

Through this application, you can monitor daily gold price movements, because gold price movements can vary from time to time. If you need urgent funds, you can sell the gold you have in this application with a disbursement process no later than 1 × 24 hours.

Laris Emas – Best Gold Trading App

This best gold trading application has simple features that make it easier for you to buy, transfer and store gold.

In addition, this application has strict regulations to maintain the security of the owner’s assets. To access this application, clarification of the user’s e-mail address and telephone number is required.

The feature provided in this application is free gold transfer at any time to both users. You can do business transactions buying and selling gold via online. Not only that, this application offers a means of depositing for a certain period of time.

Gold World – The Best Gold Trading App

This application has other features with other best gold trading applications. This application has a friendly design to use. The Dunia Emas application has an anti-slow feature so you can trade without fear of slowing down.

Not only that, there are also many features that are sold in the Dunia Emas application. In this application there is a history of gold prices that makes it easier for you to check the previous gold price. In addition, there is a Price Alert feature that will help you know the price of gold at standard levels.

Treasury – Best Gold Trading App

Gold Trading
Gold Trading

Treasury as a gold asset storage application. Through this application you can invest and trade starting from only 5000 rupiah. This application has received a valid permit from BAPPEBTI and has been registered with KOMINFO.

By investing through this application, you can get all the latest real time business transaction reports.

This application is equipped with a financial calculator feature that can make managing finances easier. You can print PT UBS certified gold starting at just 0.1 g.

Pegadaian Digital – The Best Gold Trading App

The next best gold trading application is a digital pawnshop. Through this application, you can do business transactions, transfer, sell, buy and pawn via cellphone. The initial deposit for opening a gold savings account in this application is only 50 thousand.

In the initial year as a customer you will be freed from administrative fees and deposit fees. This application offers to make gold starting from a weight of 1 g with a carat of 24 carat. Besides, this digital pawnshop application has buypack offers and competitive selling points.

Nach, now you know what the best gold trading application is that is easy to try. Of course, each of these applications has its advantages and disadvantages. With the information above, you can easily determine which application suits your needs.


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