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These are the Best Forex Trading Apps on Android

Are you looking to invest but can’t find a trusted website? Do you want to try your luck using forex or foreign exchange but are confused about the trick? Here we will review forex trading and some of the best applications for investing.

The longer it takes, the more steps the residents have taken to invest to add a few rupiahs. One of them is by doing forex trading. So, what is forex?

Forex comes from the word foreign exchange. It can also be referred to as the forex market which has the meaning of the foreign exchange market. This trade takes advantage of the disparity in the value of one country’s currency with another. Forex runs through virtual so that you don’t see the goods being traded directly.

Today’s forex trading can be done anywhere and anytime via the internet. Forex investments can also be carried out easily with only 10 dollars of capital, for example.

However, forex investments must also go through the most trusted agencies so that the owner does not lose. Here are some trustworthy forex applications on Android.


The application that can be used as the first forex broker is Forex.com. Previously after being in a web version, now Forex.com can be reached using your android device. By using this application, you become a gold or silver member according to your trading level.

A number of advantages that can be obtained from this forex.com application are the quality of the diagrams supported by TradingView. This application is available 24 hours a day, so it can still be watched in your spare time.

The speed with which the investment is initiated or the desire for withdrawal is unquestionable. The navigation in this application you can match the status and appearance to make it easier to use.

Forex trading in this application can be started from the lowest nominal amount of $ 1 and make sure in your account there is a minimum deposit of $ 250. [Download Forex.com]


FXTM as one of the best forex trading applications on Android. FXTM is the most trusted broker in 180 countries. In addition, this application can be called an automatic broker that can always provide the most up-to-date information.

This application is quite easy to use. After installing the FXTM application, all you have to do is register and confirm the information related to your data.

Then just transfer some of the funds used to start forex trading. For the desire to take funds, it is quite easy and the process is fast in a few moments.

Another advantage of this application is that there are daily information features and market research results that help your company make wiser decisions. this application provides 100% collateral for deposits that you give up to $ 1000. [Download FXTM]


eToro is now available on android devices. For people who want to start the buying and selling process, they often don’t know which trader can provide investments with large profits but is still the most trusted.

By using eToro, you can find the right place to start forex trading.

This app provides precise portfolio analytics and statistics prepared on a basis for each trader. With this feature, you can weigh where and how much of an accurate investment.

Over 220 million traders have trusted eToro to streamline their activities. You can start forex trading via eToro with a capital of $50. [Download eToro]

Trainer Stock

For some beginners who are not experts and want to invest through forex trading, you can try this android application, namely Stock Trainer.

Stock Trainer offers a virtual stock trading experience using real market data. Until you can gain the most extensive experience, knowledge and discourse in the trading sector.

There is portfolio info from each trading service supplier. This info is supplemented by their diagrams over the last 10 years. You can consider further whether to invest in that place or maybe not plus this fairly detailed additional information.

The latest information about the stock market can be reached in this application. Stock Trainer works in conjunction with several business magazines to keep the information up to date.

The topic of this application interface can also be changed according to taste. This application can be accessed for free on the Play Store and to get rid of various annoying ads can connect premium features. [Download Stock Trainer]

Think Trader

ThinkTrader as a forex trading application with a variety of the most powerful tools and provides support for the performance of several professionals.

This ThinkTrader was formerly known as the Trade Interceptor. By using this best forex trading application, you can find and search for the best currencies and stocks to invest in.

ThinkTrader offers 14 types of powerful charts also equipped with 160 custom signs that can help you to analyze and plan your investment in the future. You can access business information from America, Asia and Europe through this base.

The ThinkTrader application is equipped with a statement feature regarding the latest information about your investment.

Other features that can be found in ThinkTrader are trading calendars, trading simulators, risk scanners, data launch alerts and periodic reports.

You don’t need to hesitate to invest through this application. Because this application has been considered by the FCA from the UK and ASIC from Australia which can increase the confidence of some users. [Download ThinkTrader]

Meta Trader

MetaTrader is the most popular trading platform application for retail investors using Android devices, and allows it to trade stocks, forex, and various other financial instruments via Android mobile devices.

This app can provide general analysis of financial markets using a variety of real-time charts that include historical information, to monitor prices and offers.

You can easily switch between other financial instruments and the SL and TP values ​​on the chart, along with visualization of trading info. This application is equipped with an investment diagram feature that can be zoomed in or zoomed out.

There are various other analytical features that complement the included applications, such as Gann, Fibonacci and Elliott. Do not forget, this application is equipped with the latest business information. [Download MetaTrader]

NetDania Stock and Forex Trader

NetDania Stock and Forex Trader as the next application that can be used for stock and foreign exchange investments. With this application, you can keep an in-depth look at the stock market and various important tactics that can be implemented to increase your profits.

There are more than 20,000 financial instruments that work in this application and are continuously updated in real-time.

This application is quite simple and easy to use. In this NetDania Stock and Forex Trader there are various additional tools starting from the investment plan.

The latest business information to the latest economic calendar. Besides that, you can also learn stock or foreign exchange trading tactics by using this application.


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