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Want to Become a Trader? This Is The Ruling Of Online Trading App Halal Or Haram Stocks According To Islam

online trading app Halal or Haram Stocks – As we all know, the reputation of stock online trading app activities is increasingly favored by both young people and parents. More and more people continue to comment on stock online trading app that gives big profits.

Online Trading App

However, some people still ask, is playing stock online trading app halal or haram? Is the money from online trading app halal or haram?

This question makes the majority of potential novice investors hesitant to try stock trading. Various assessments have emerged, there are views that stock online trading app is considered not in accordance with sharia, there are also those who view that stock online trading app is lawful. Therefore, please read the information regarding the law of halal or haram stock trading.

What is Stock Trading?

Opinion of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) regarding the Capital Market
online trading app Stocks Halal or Haram?
Requirements for shares to be traded according to Islamic guidance and sharia1. Have Underlying Assets

  1. Intangible Stock of Goods
  2. Goods Assets Must Be More Mastery
  3. Companies or Issuers Meet the Requirements

What is Stock Trading?

Initially you need to know in advance about stock trading. Shares are letters of value as proof of ownership in a company. And stock online trading app is the activity of buying and selling shares that take advantage of daily market price fluctuations.

In contrast to stock investing where you are passive, your stock online trading app is to be more active because you need to do market analysis and decide the best time and price to do stock business transactions. Until you will get the best profit from the price difference that occurs when buying and selling shares. Stock online trading app is generally used for short-term investments, and stock investments focus on long periods.

Opinion of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) regarding the Capital Market

In Indonesia, there is one agency that has the right and power to determine whether or not stock online trading app activities are halal or haram, which is mentioned by the MUI National Sharia Council (DSN). According to the MUI summary, the fatwa regarding Indonesian capital market law is recorded in the DSN Fatwa No.40 MUI which contains several opinions regarding stock investment, as follows.

  • First opinion. Dealing with the legal activity of buying and selling shares is possible, because shareholders are company partners who have a certain amount of share ownership.
  • 2nd opinion . Some of the shares that are allowed are shares of online trading app and manufacturing companies. It is possible to do muhasabah, practice Islamic law, and do business in the shares of a legal company, provided that the company actually exists, and does not contain meaningful ignorance and ambiguity.
  • 3rd opinion . Shares are allowed to be marketed and issued but must pay attention to the provisions that apply to the company.

online trading app Stocks Halal or Haram?

According to the MUI DSN, the concept of halal or haram stock online trading app is if it is in accordance with Islamic guidelines. There are three components that are used as the basis for viewing stock online trading app as halal or haram, namely:

  • Stock business transaction process
  • How to control the company
  • How to issue shares

If, the 3 components are driven based on the concept of sharia or Islamic guidance, then stock online trading app is halal and permissible.

Requirements for shares to be traded according to Islamic guidance and sharia

The requirements for one share to be traded in accordance with Islamic guidelines and sharia are as follows:

1. Having Underlying Assets

In the sharia concept, shares must have underlying assets to avoid money for money business transactions which can be classified as usury. Underlying assets are financial assets that are used to identify the points in the agreement that give the contract value.

2. Intangible Stock of Goods

In the company’s process there must be assets in the form of goods, because buying and selling shares should not only be in the form of money. If the issuer sells shares, therefore the shares should not be marketed again in the form of a stock exchange, but must be traded when they are in the form of goods.

3. Goods Assets Must Have More Control

One company generally has many assets such as services, receivables, and others. Some of these assets must be mastered in goods assets, if there are several goods, then it is necessary to determine which goods are the underlying.

4. Company or Issuer Meets Requirements

Companies that sell shares must also meet several requirements, such as activities that have been carried out complying with sharia concepts, for example buying and selling liquor, casinos, gambling games, having debt that is more dominant in usurious institutions than capital, company control must follow the characters and provisions according to sharia.

What makes stock online trading app illegal? If stock online trading app is carried out with bets that are prohibited in Islam, for example:

  • Special motivation to do business transactions for buying and selling, not for investment.
  • Business transactions run in a short or short time.
  • Share selling business transactions are carried out when the share price rises.

The following are a number of share online trading app practices that are prohibited according to the Fatwa of the MUI DSN No. 80/DSN-MUI/III/2011.

  • Short Selling. Namely selling shares from brokerage debt in order to make a profit when buying and returning it when the price drops.
  • Front Running. Namely, conducting business transactions on insider information, there will be large business transactions and it is predicted that this will affect prices.
  • Alternate Trade. Namely engineering shares to appear actively traded by conducting business transactions with several exchange members alternately with a normal amount.
  • Fake Offers or Wishes. That is, offer a buy or sell order at the best price and immediately delete it when it reaches the best price.

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